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University Of Punjab, Lahore – Masters in Environmental Sciences (2020)
University Of Punjab, Lahore -Bachelors in (Botany, Zoology & Chemistry) (2017)


I am Zunaira Sameer, a dedicated and knowledgeable teacher in Environmental Sciences, holding a Master’s degree from the prestigious University of the Punjab with a remarkable CGPA of 3.38/4.
I have a deep understanding of:
  • Biology (Anatomy, Ecology and Zoology)
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Chemistry
My approach involves using proven teaching methods within a supportive atmosphere, providing personalized instruction to promote academic excellence.

Teaching Experience

I’m Zunaira Sajid, a devoted and well-informed educator specializing in Environmental Sciences. I proudly hold a Master’s degree from the esteemed University of the Punjab, achieving an impressive CGPA of 3.38/4. My comprehensive knowledge encompasses various subjects, including Biology (Anatomy, Ecology, and Zoology), Environmental Sciences, and Chemistry.
My teaching methodology centers around employing established pedagogical techniques within a nurturing environment. I firmly believe in tailoring my instruction to meet individual learning needs, fostering an atmosphere where academic brilliance can flourish. With my guidance, students can expect to not only grasp complex concepts but also develop a genuine passion for the subjects I teach.
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