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Pristine Private School, Dubai – AS Level (2023)
Pristine Private School, Dubai – IGCSE (2022)


My name is Ayaan Farooq, and I have recently completed my AS levels. With a strong background in computer science and IT. My expertise extends to various international board exams and curricula, allowing me to cater effectively to the unique needs of each student.
I have a deep understanding of:
  • Computer Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet Technology
I am passionate about helping learners excel in their studies and reach their academic goals.

Teaching Experience

Having recently completed my AS levels and possessing a strong foundation in computer science and IT, I, Ayaan Farooq, am well-equipped to provide effective teaching experiences. My expertise spans across various international board exams and curricula, enabling me to tailor my approach to the specific requirements of each student. With an in-depth grasp of subjects such as Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet Technology, I am truly passionate about guiding learners towards academic excellence. My goal is to empower students to surpass their educational targets while nurturing a genuine love for the subjects I teach.
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